Where are you, when I need you most? Are you a figurement of my imagination? Are you a foreigner from a far away land? Where have you  gone to? Are you in the Middle East? On a flying carpet ride across the arid? Or did you  disappear behind my wardrobe? How is it you can… Continue reading God


That’s what I want to be Someone who stands out in a crowd Someone who is not afraid to speak their belief Someone who expects nothing to be the same Trying to co-ordinate their life Original In everything you do. dress differently Wear multi-colors or black and white You dance to the beat of your… Continue reading Original


Who is pretty? Is it your friend, your boyfriend, your girlfriends, sister, brother? Do you admire their looks? Are they blonde hair and blue eyes? Or brunette with brown eyes? Are  you pretty? Do you wish to change your looks? You might not be pretty,  but there are things that make you important. Like your… Continue reading Pretty


Do you hear someone calling your  name? Do you hear them judging you? Are they always around you? Who are they that taunt you? Are they friends, family, cops, lawyers, spectators? Are they real or are they imaginary? I wonder why it is that you hear them? Are you different from everyone else? Trust one… Continue reading Voices


Bye Bye baby, Sleep well tonight Dream of wonderful things, Of elephants and circus animals, Of princes and princess’, Of knights of the round table. Of fairies and angels, Of all the things you love Rest your head pretty one, For sleep will come easily, Just clear your thoughts and you will see how good… Continue reading Lullabye