Happy feet

What are happy feet? Feet that love to dance Feet that have rhythm Feet that move to the beat of their own song. Happy feet A furry little penguin known for it’s dancing Different from all the rest Happy feet A great friend to have.  


Something to believe? A dream, a project, a poem. Something to behold. Something sweet, something harsh. Believe In yourself and your dream In the stars and the planets Don’t let the shadows take it away Stand strong, be bold All your dreams will come through When you least expect them to.


Endless days of flirting and kissing. .Watching the best movies and hanging out with friends. Parties that never stop. Going to the beach and frolicking in the sun. Long holidays with no where to go but to have fun. Wearing your favorite dress and always being in style. These are the days I remember and… Continue reading sixteen


God where are you? When I really need you? You are kind and caring But I don’t always feel  your presence. My loving God, Always listening to my prayers But I’m not always listening I miss you My almighty God.