Hey have you ever thought about what life is like through a dog’s eyes. Just wonder for a moment. All the sounds like other dogs, birds and cats. The smell of dinner and the comfortable lap of their human owner. What does this make us (their human owners) more capable of? Hopefully by owning a… Continue reading Dogs


I am up at one in the morning and looking for something to do. So decided to write a blog post or two. What’s your go to rememdies for restlessness?? Haven’t found anything that works. Am willing to try new things to find the answer. My quotes for tonight is: if u ignore me, I… Continue reading Night


Shimmering, glitter in the sand. The paper twists and turns in the sunlight. Acknowledging the depths of the ocean below. Rainbow colours reflect off the water. Kinship is to be had and to behold. Lovely ripples around the water. Enjoyment is for everyone to behold.


I have started using pinterest and have found some interesting pictures and quotes. My favourite quotes so far is; don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle. It reminds me that i am always comparing myself to others when I should be focusing on myself and my journey. What are your favourite quotes and why??… Continue reading Pinterest